Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about digital printing.

What is digital printing?
Digital printing is the rapid printing of designs and visuals on the material to be used, which are prepared in accordance with the preferences of the person in the computer environment. As a printing service company, we continue to produce many products such as signage, tarpaulin, exterior cladding, brochures, flyers, which are included in digital printing solutions, in the highest quality and fast way.
Where is digital printing used?
When it comes to digital printing, the first thing that comes to mind is large-sized indoor and outdoor prints. Except those; Digital printing areas can be used in brochures, books, notebooks, calendars, annual reports and many more.
Is the digital printing of good quality?
Outdoors, printing is done on canvas, foil, onewayvision, mesh, cast, etc. materials up to 5 meters wide. Its quality is lower than indoor printing. These prints are made on building and vehicle coatings.
What are the types of digital printing?
Foil printing, One way vision printing, Canvas printing, Vinyl printing, Mesh printing, Transparent foil printing, Cast foil printing, Vehicle wrapping, Poster printing, Cloth poster printing, Turyap poster printing, Remax poster printing, Coldwell banker poster printing, Realty world Poster printing, Perforated vinyl printing, UV printing, Photoblock printing, Exterior cladding and facade cladding, Decota printing plastering, Birthday boards, Fair stand dressing, Indoor printing, Pole banner printing, Roller blind printing, Printing, Floor foil printing, etc. . products are printed.
What is the digital printing warranty period?
Digital printing products are guaranteed from 2 to 5 years depending on the product type. Please contact us for detailed information.